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Cantopop Legends


For quite some time; I have admired and enjoyed artists from Hong Kong. I found this photo; and it brought back memories of happy times. The faces, voices and presence of these individuals are now gone. Thank god for media; we can still hear them ... via YouTube ! Sadly missed.

Saturday ...

Well, the best laid plans ... go wrong at times. We were supposed to attend an event at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, but it's been postponed until next weekend.

I have a private case to do tonight; a woman dying of Ovarian Cancer ... she's only sixty . Sad. Hospice and Palliative Care is one of my special areas. I am apprehensive, as her husband is also her caregiver; he was an engineer who studied to become a registered nurse, in order to care for his wife ! Imagine the love here ..

I am gathering the feeling this case was difficult to fill; this is why I have been called. We'll see.


Trash Time


Fat America; the winds of change ....

The Young and The Restless is about to come on ... yes, I know ... no comments, please ! I have to remove the trash to the outside ... this will be done.
The wind is ferocious .. but, I don't see rain, which is wonderful.

I am attempting to diet; which is so boring, but a necessary evil .. The internet has tons of appetite suppressants and stimulants; all of which prove to be unhealthy. I was directed to this site by a friend ... asian remedies for weight control. I have never seen an overweight Asian; not one !

They have portion controls, and never eat our version of their food ! They use oils, and some things which are not healthy, but they must have great metabolic speed. Asians have small bone frames, too ... an added plus; they can't carry too much fat. I do admire them for this.

Being overweight is not cool to them; they consider it overindulging; which is a character flaw. I think we should adopt this philosophy, and apply it vigorously. I think you know what it's like to have several pairs of eyes staring at you mowing down more than one helping of food. It's unworthy.

Americans need to discipline themselves; or we are in trouble. For every ten people I look at; eight are chunky to fat to morbidly obese. Those standards are ever changing, too.

As I see it; our lifestyle is hectic and we eat for the wrong reasons ... Families don't eat together as they once did. Everyone is working, going to school, have schedules that don't tie in with traditional eating times. Families are on the run; don't talk to one another, and they mumble .... mumble ...

America; get it together ...

Navigation ...

Well, I love writing; but this is my first experience with Live Journal. Navigating through is not difficult, but I have to discover points of interest; and work my way around.

I am feeling apathy today; all the excitement has gone, but we made some strides in our choices ! This is progress.
I don't think I would have voted for President Obama had there been another candidate other than Mitt Romney. Never cared for him; and his interests and beliefs don't appeal to me, personally. I have to say I do have issues with President Obama; but I hope he makes the next four years vastly different.

I am also home battling a sinus infection; and the weather is again .. windy ..howling ..miserable. Not like the devastating Sandy of last week. What destructive force did Sandy bring.